Thursday, June 9, 2011

We are still alive but lazy

I haven't done so well with updating mostly because I have been lax on taking photos. I pormise to write something later but right now my internet connection stinks and I am a bit lazy. So here is a pretty picture of Merimac Caverns.

Stay Slow and steady,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Along for the ride...

This little guy has been with us since before Amarillo. I don't have the heart (or the guts) to scrape him off.
At least it wasn't a butterfly,

A day in Photos

Today we spent a lot of time on the road a large portion of it listening to boy bands in the car. Scoff all you like but when you are driving through half the Texas pan handle, All of Oklahoma and some of Missouri you will embrace the company of the Hanson Brothers, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and Jessie McCartney. We even added a little Lionel Richie in the mix to do a little dancing on the ceiling.

One of our first stops of the morning along Route 66 was the Devel's Rope Museum in McLean Texas. Unfortunitaly, our early morning start worked against us and we were there 40 min early. We settled for some outside photos.
I couldn't resist some funky framing.

I'm a little upset I didn't strike a pose to show my muscles I think it would have been much more appropriate. Here is a building in Shamrock Texas that was apparently used in a movie. I'm guessing it was the movie cars. Can anyone Verify that.

Does anyone else think that water puddle looks like Darth Vader from Star Wars Helmet.
Giant cross surrounded by the stations of the cross in Groom Texas.

I would like to use this shoe as a Metaphor of the almost dead town of Texola Oklahoma. You can see that it is there but it's not in too good of shape.

Official Route 66 museum in Oklahoma. Gotta love the timer on my camera and my wallet and bottle of sunscreen propping it up.

Elk City, OK
I would like this sign at the front door of my house because of course cowboys are always welcome.

The Blue Whale just outside of Tulsa. This is one of those Route 66 attractions that is interesting an depressing at the same time. it's the epitome of Route 66 because it's still there but everything surrounding it has fallen apart.
Enjoy the pics,

Monday, June 6, 2011

More from OZ

We may have been there several days ago but photos like this never get old. Meg seamed to multiply in the magic of Munchkinland.

Time for bed,

Cars in the Dirt

Admittedly, I'm usually a sucker for roadside attractions but Cadillac Ranch has been one of my faves from this trip and maybe even all time. Something about the smells of spray paint and cow manure mixing in the hot Texas air is charming. I really wish I could meet whoever came up with the idea and buy them a beer because I think we would be best friends.

I wanted to pet the cow but she was glaring at me and made me feel like the high school nerd trying to sit at the cheerleaders table at lunchtime .

I needed a new facebook photo what do you think?

Smoochie Boochies,

Don't Mess with Texas

I'm looking to make a 10 pm bedtime so I will shoot for lots of pictures with witty comments instead of a long detailed narrative about our trip in the Blue Escape today. Photos appear in no particular order.

Photo #1: Becky with an R2D2 mailbox in Santa Fe. This was the coolest thing we saw downtown. Sad? Or Awesome? You decide.

Photo #2: Beck and Meg on the last ladder down from the Pueblo condo many feet in the sky. It's nice having a third person around to take our picture. (Thanks, Timmy)

Photo #3: Cadillac Ranch. A nice lady offered to take our picture. She did a fantastic job...all the cars and that ugly cow got in the picture!

Photo #4: I can't believe how close the cows were to the cars/humans. This black one must be Flick. It looks like the type of cow who would dot its eyes with a heart.
Photo #5: Here is EJ, depicted as a large beach ball here, off-roading.
Photo #6: Tinkertown. Best $3 of our visit. It was a museum of these little figurines set up in elaborate scenes. Pictured below is the circus.

Photo #7: They also had a glass case of wedding cake toppers. The sign said "Wedding figures collected from nearly every state-1840s to 1980s-Remember, as you look, why you fell in love." I looked for one of mom and dad but none of the grooms had plaid suits on...

Photo #8: The museum walls were made of bottles.

Photo #9: I guess they are trying to make the walls more current...Corona!

Photo #10: Outside of the museum was this Art Car. Looks like Dad's Wrangler needs some glass eyes. Mom, don't you have a set upstairs?

Photo #11: A close-up of the penny decorations on the Art Car.

Photo #12: For a quarter, I could find the perfect career for me. Doctor? Really??? I really was hoping for Love Pirate.
Dr. Meg

I want to live in Tinkertown

Along Route 66 near Albuquerque there is a magical place called Tinkertown. It's one of those things that you know the person who started it was was the perfect mix of genius and crazy. For example here is what meets you after you pay your $3 to get into the museum.

The only cowboy I have been able to find this trip to be in a photo with me.

If it wasn't $100 in the gift shop I would have bought it for sheer weirdness.

The fortune teller machine that looked like the one from the movie "Big" said I was going to be wealthy. Can't argue with a vintage arcade machine.

More to come,